Meet the Together in Barnet team


James Chagula - Shelter Coordinator

Having grown up in the borough, James began as a volunteer at Homeless Action in Barnet in 2016. This experience led him to further volunteering roles at the London Jesus Centre, where he eventually became a Support Worker, and later a Community Outreach Specialist. He is now the Shelter Coordinator for Together in Barnet, where he responsible for the smooth and safe running of the shelter.


Liz Cormack - Secretary & Trustee

Liz has a background in Local Government Policy and Administration. However, for the last twenty years she has worked in Primary Education. As a senior leader in her school, Liz has direct insight into the impact of homelessness on the life chances of many children. She was motivated to become involved with Together in Barnet through a series of chance encounters and conversations with another Trustee. She decided it was time to ‘stop talking and do something useful’. She is now on the Board of Trustees and part of the fundraising team.


Darren Harringman - Trustee (Fundraising)

Following several years volunteering at his local venue, Darren has been a trustee of Together in Barnet for two years. He lives locally in the Borough of Barnet and is passionate about contributing to the wellbeing of its residents. Darren coordinates our fundraising events and has been responsible for overseeing the upgrading of the website and IT systems.


Elliott Karstadt - Trustee & Chair

Elliott is a student rabbi at Leo Baeck College. For four years he was coordinator of the Night Shelter at Finchley Progressive Synagogue before becoming a trustee of Together in Barnet in April 2016, and Chair in December 2018. Elliott sees tikkun olam (Hebrew for 'repairing the world') as an integral part of Judaism, and this is a key reason for his involvement with the Night Shelter.


Matthew Malyali - Trustee & Treasurer

Matthew is a chartered accountant who has recently joined Together in Barnet as Treasurer. He has been involved with other smaller groups in Finchley and has volunteered through his connections to St Mary at Finchley church. He is keen to share his financial skills for charitable purposes and to help the organisation grow and expand.


Sarah Rosen-Webb - Trustee (Employee Supervisor)

Sarah has a wide range of experience in special educational needs management and public health nutrition. She joined the United States Peace Corps after university and worked in the northeast of Brazil developing and managing a community development programme involving agricultural and nutritional education. Further training in teaching Dyslexic students and educational management led to a career in teaching, developing and managing special educational needs programmes and university lecturing. Now retired, Sarah has become involved with Together in Barnet to do what she can in her local area to help heal the world, actively working to alleviate social inequalities and promote social justice.


Amanda Weiss – Trustee & Acting Secretary

Amanda has been involved with Together in Barnet since 2014, first as a volunteer and then as the Shelter Coordinator from 2015-2017 and now as a trustee. She works for a mental health charity based in the borough of Barnet and is committed to making a difference in her community.